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Cassidy or Cass Mae
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I just like having fun. :)

PS~ You might want to keep in mind that I come from another planet.

My brother ~~> :iconblazenblaster:


The Seven Sacred Stones Of The Witches Of Anamar by GaiaTheHedgehog15
The Seven Sacred Stones Of The Witches Of Anamar
....or, at least, a very poor representation of them. :shrug:

Long story short, I had a dream a while ago of seven powerful stones that each had control over an "element".

Yellow - Air
Green - Earth
Purple - Magick
Orange - Karma
Blue - Water
Red - Fire
White - Soul

Now, these Stones choose new Bearers every four decades and once they decide their new person, they become bonded. This bond links the Stone's consciousness to the consciousness of their new Bearer, as well as loosely linking them to the other Stones and Bearers. The Stones use this connection to channel their power to their bearers. It is extremely rare for a Stone and it's Bearer to not become close friends. Something that is not known by many people is that the Stones actually have bodies, but these bodies are smoke-like, are only visible to that Stone's Bearer as well as the other Stones and are in the form of animals. Each Stone has a different form, according to their element.

Air - Eagle
Earth - Deer
Magick - Panther
Karma - Faerie
Water - Orca
Fire - Dragon
Soul - Phoenix

These Stones, their properties and their Bearers are all copyrighted to myself, GaiaTheHedgehog15.
The Odd Moon Pack by GaiaTheHedgehog15
The Odd Moon Pack
Allow me to introduce to you, the Odd Moon Pack of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

In my universe, werewolves shift into full wolf form while still retaining the consciousness of their human selves. It is not considered a curse, but instead a genetic blessing, as most werewolves are pure born. In fact, because of the laws laid down by the first Konungur pair (King pair, the Alphas of all Alphas), stating that any wolf that harms a human will be cast out to fend for themselves or executed, depending on the seriousness of the incident, bitten werewolves, or assimilated werewolves are quite rare.
Now werewolves stay in packs for the main reason that it's easier for everyone to maintain a decent cover. For example, most werewolf packs run restaurants, steak houses, livestock farms, and - though less preferred - slaughter yards. This setup works well, since customers give the wolves the money they need for beasts to kill on a full moon. And yes, in my universe, the full moon does in fact affect the wolves. Reason being because the gravitational pull is at the strongest point and 'tugs' at an element in werewolf blood, causing them to shift and become an instinctual animal. Their first instinct, to hunt and kill. Most werewolves solve this by either going out into the wild and hunting wildlife, but most play it safer and lock themselves in the basement or attic with a few chickens.

This particular pack of werewolves, the Odd Moon pack, as they call themselves, are a bit strange compared to the other two packs in the Rockhampton area, because unlike the other two packs, the Odd Moon wolves allow humans to work for/alongside them, while keeping them in he dark. The Odd Moon pack run a well-known restaurant in the city called Cattle Horn Café and Grill. Half the staff are werewolves, including the owners, four of the cooks, and most of the wait staff; the other half are oblivious humans. If you look carefully, you'll notice that one of the above wolves has blue eyes instead of yellow or orange. This is because she's an assimilated werewolf; she was bitten. Pure blood werewolf eyes are similar to real wolves', however, those who are bitten retain their human eye colour. Eventually they do turn a little bit yellow, and after about five years or so, her eyes in wolf form will be green (because of yellow mixing with blue).

I will upload names when I get the chance.

All wolves and every bit of typed word above belongs to me. If you use this idea credit and link me. :) Thankyou.

Also, the Wolf Maker I used is many many thanks to Wyndbain on DA.


From left to right, top to bottom;

Name: Valerie Nixon
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Nineteen
Status: Omega
Personality: Quiet, honest, closed off, friendly, brave, loyal.

Name: Peter Hathaway
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Twenty-six
Status: High-rank Beta
Personality: Friendly, outgoing, take-charge, and collected.

Name: Terrence Darrow
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Forty
Status: Alpha Male
Personality: Understanding, mentor, kind, keeps things in tact.

Name: Melinda Darrow
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Thirty-eight
Status: Alpha Female
Personality: Cool, judging, poker-faced, matriarch.

Name: Thomas Rook (Twin to Damien)
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Twenty-two
Status: Mid-rank Beta
Personality: Larrikin, outgoing, conversationalist, open, kind, strong.

Name: Jean Tolkien
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Twenty
Status: Low-rank Beta
Personality: Quiet, precise, doesn't miss a trick, honest, happy.

Name: Damien Rook (Twin to Thomas)
Type: Blood Moon werewolf (pure born)
Age: Twenty-two
Status: Mid-rank Beta
Personality: Conversationalist, happy, down to earth, smart, kind.

Name: Adriana Peterson

All characters listed above are copyrighted to myself and myself alone.
Have fun, live life, and DANCE MORE!!! :icontomhiddlestonplz:
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